WordPress plugin for online store

Among the website developers, WordPress is known as a CMS that can be used to make a wide range of websites. WordPress were originally created for the needs of blogging. However, as time passes, WordPress has grown into a versatile platform. Even WordPress you can use to create an online store. (Learn more How to […]

How to secure wordpress login

There are many ways used by hackers to get into your website by force. Of course you don’t want your content suddenly inaccessible and only shows white screen, isn’t it? If you are using WordPress, one of the holes was often visited is the wp-admin section. This is the main reason why you need a […]

Know How You Can Prioritize the PPC Analysis In 2018

In PPC it is critical to know what number of leads you have and where they originate from. This is sufficiently basic to do in AdWords in the event that you are just utilizing Google as your paid channel or Google Analytics on the off chance that you have more than one advertising channel.
PPC turns […]

3 Crucial Steps That Can Map Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2018

If you look at the digital marketing calendar ahead, then it is an equally challenged and enthusiastic year and you need to fine-tune your company’s digital marketing strategy in the coming year. The past and current marketing efforts have helped in brand recognition and established a name for them.
Now is the time to review the […]

How to build an online store from scratch

In this tutorial you will learn to create an online store where you can display and sell products in the form of goods. Create an online store for some people is a difficult thing to do, but if you use the tool and the right way as in this tutorial, you can make it easily. How […]