Google offers motorcycle riding map apps

After only providing navigation for car, train, pedestrians, and cyclists, now the Google Maps Navigation provides for motorcycle riding, Google offers motorcycle riding map apps. That way, the rider can calculate a trip time by more accurate.
Unfortunately, navigation updates for bikers on the Google Maps currently only available in India.. This new feature was launched […]

How to drive traffic to your online store

Large outlets in the retail sector are many who profess to have experienced a decrease in sales, some even until they choose to closed. One reason for this, there is a decrease in purchasing power and the rise of online sales. The reason was not because of the shift to online shopping habits. Rather, there are […]

Kitty live streaming

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Kitty Live was first released in July 2016 and then claimed to have reached the first position of download rankings. Kitty Live streaming users worldwide has reached more than 20 million with the largest numbers in Thailand and Indonesia.
They claim one of the reasons for this success is the localization of interesting content and features. […]

How to mute conversation twitter

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Twitter is a social media is much simpler than other social media. Although able to embed photos and videos in every tweet, Twitter focuses on text-based content making it more lightweight. Therefore, you probably rely more on turnover of information on Twitter, but of course everyone has preferences information that they don’t want them to see. […]

How to avoid being scammed online when shopping

Shopping online provides convenience to the community meet its needs. Not surprisingly, this system many chosen those who are too busy to go to the store. However, for users of an online shopping application should remain alert to be reminded so as not to become a victim of fraud. How to avoid being scammed online when shopping?
How […]