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WP Bounce plugin

WP Bounce plugin

WP Bounce Plugin – Nowadays, we cannot separate people from their Smartphone. Everywhere we can see people holding their phone while doing their business and also complete their pleasure by playing games. In the United States, Amazon store is one of the most famous application stores where people can find any applications, games, and even they can buy books from Amazon store. Some people also use Amazon store to advertise their product or their business to attract the interest from the customers. Basically, people who use the store to promote their products have at least one Amazon store built and their only way to communicate with their customers only by emails. But by using Amazon WP Plugin, we can manage around 60 sites at once in the Amazon store.

Most people complain about how they often lost contact with their customers because they took longer time to respond to their customers or web visitors. You may be able to use some plugin but the real problem is that you have to input the products manually and it will take longer time for people to find our product, especially when there are some products which have similar name. But now WP Bounce offering a new smart way for you to manage lots of Amazon sites once in a time and after you install this WP Bounce, people can forget about it or we can say no need for further maintenance.

By using WP Bounce, you can save more time because with this plugin, you can manage more than one template at once, you will be able to title message font size in pixels and also color it with color picker. This plugin will also make the pop up screen to match with the design of the site so it will be better for having a conversation. The things mentioned before will help to optimize the connection and also maintain the traffic of your site.

WP Bounce will help the visitors of your site to pull the most relevant products from the Amazon based on what they search. For example, if the user searches for blue widgets for women but your products only mention blue widget, normally user will leave your page. But before they do that, the plugin will show a pop-up “Blue widgets for women.” And the most important things, this WP Bounce works with 9 Amazon sites and you will get every dollar you deserve and minimize the chance for losing customers from other regions.


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WP Bounce Plugin

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