Types of blogs
Types of Blogs

21 Types of Blogs on the Internet and Examples, No. 13 Suitable for the Lazy

Do you know what types of blogs exist on the internet? Most likely not, because usually people don’t really care about the type but the content.

As we know, a blog is a web application that contains a variety of posts, notes, articles posted online and is open.

The increasing number of blogs with various themes that appear every day makes the need for a classification and categorization.

As one of the media on the internet whose information is needed by many people, blogs that were originally free blogs (Blogspot.com and WordPress.com) have now developed into many forms and variations.

Now the existing blog has its own world, has a distinctive character and its own discussion.

Then what are the types of blogs that exist and have developed? Here’s a brief review.

A. Types of Blogs Based on the Platform

Based on the platform, blog types can be divided into three types, namely:

1. Free Blog Platform (Free Blog)

A free blog is a type of blog that is provided for free by a third party as a service provider, both subdomains and hosting.

This blog has a characteristic, namely the inclusion of the name of a third party in the name of the blog that has been created.

Free blog service providers that are very popular today are Blogspot, Tumblr, WordPress,and so on.

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2. Self-Hosting Blog

Self-Hosting Blog is a type of blog that is created using its own domain and hosting, where the blog owner pays for the service.

Usually self-hosting blogs are owned by professional bloggers, business owners, and internet marketers.

Some examples of self-hosting blogs, including monitoringclub.org, healthbeautyidea.com, and so forth.

3. Microblog

Microblogs are blogs whose content is written with a limited number of characters, and not as much as other types of blogs.

One example of a micro blog is Twitter.

4. Company Blog (Corporate Blog)

A corporate blog is a blog that is located on a company’s website that contains various content such as news about the company, product and service explanations, or replies to customer complaints.

5. Citizen Journalism Blog

Citizen journalism blogs are blogs written by citizens (not professional journalists) and provided by certain media parties.

Examples of Citizen journalism blogs are academia.edu, onlinejournalismblog.com, and so forth.

B. Blogs Based on Content

Based on the content or content, the type of blog can be divided into two types, namely:

6. Niche Blog

A niche blog is a blog written by someone with a specific theme or specific topic specification. Examples of niche blogs are fashion blogs, business blogs, educational blogs, health blogs, technology blogs, and so on.

One of the blog niches that is quite famous is Female Daily. This blog focuses on discussing cosmetics and cosmetic brands that are often used by women.

7. General Blog

General blog is a blog that contains a variety of general themes or topics. It is possible that this general blog discusses various topics at once because it has several authors who like/master different topics.

One example of a general blog is Lindaikejisblog.com. Blogs like this cover many topics, ranging from blogging, politics, business, technology, and so on.

C. Blog by Purpose

Based on the purpose, the types of blogs can be divided into four, namely:

8. Personal Blog

A personal blog is a blog that contains various kinds of content and information based on the opinion of the blog owner. Personal blogs are generally created with the aim of being a medium of expression or an outpouring of hearts.

9. Personal Branding Blog

A personal branding blog is a blog created with the aim of promoting and increasing the author’s name so that it is known to many people. Usually personal branding blogs have a formal or semi-formal style of language.

Examples of personal branding blogs that are quite well known are JohnChow.com, and others.

10. Blog Monetization

Blog monetization is a blog created with the aim of earning income or money. Usually blogs like this rely heavily on SEO factors to make a lot of visitors come.

Bloggers in Indonesia implement a lot of blog monetization, usually they become Google Adsense publishers to make money from their blogs.

11. Blog Catalog

A blog catalog is a blog that contains a variety of information for reference or reference. This blog is presented like a catalog intended for anyone who accesses it.

D. Blogs Based on the Format

Based on the format, blogs can be divided into ten, namely:

12. Vlogs

Vlogs are blogs that only contain video content and we find a lot of them on YouTube.com. 

13. Blog Copy Paste

Copy Paste blogs are blogs whose contents are taken from other blogs by copying and pasting. Blogs like this are usually owned by bloggers who are lazy or don’t have the creativity to create their own content.

Uniquely, it turns out that there are also company blogs that apply this method, all articles on this blog are results copy past from other people’s blogs.

14. Sketchblog

Sketchblog is a blog whose format contains a collection of someone’s portfolio results.

15. LinkLog

Linklog is a blog that only contains a collection of links. An example of a linklog is Jennifer’s LinkLog.

16. Photoblog / Phlog

Photoblog / Phlog is a blog that contains special photo content. 

17. Audioblog

Audioblog is a blog that contains the main content in the form of music files that can be downloaded freely.

18. Tumbleblogs

Tumbleblogs are blogs that contain short text and some media content. There are six types of posts on Tumbleblogs, namely short text posts, photo posts, quotes, links, conversations, conversations, and videos.

Examples of Tumbleblogs are blogs that use the Tumblr.com platform.

19. Typecasting Blog

Typecasting blog is a blog that contains a collection of handwriting, notes or typewriter types that are scanned, and published on the web.

20. Classifieds blog

Classifieds blog is a blog that contains a collection of classified ads. We find a lot of classified ad blogs on the internet.

Unfortunately, many classified ad blogs are used by spammers for promotion so that the content seems careless.

Some examples of classified ad blogs include:

  • classifieds.asia
  • autoads.com
  • adbarulive.com
  • classifieds.xyz
  • adbusiness.xyz

21. Splog or Spam Blog (Automatically Generated Content)

Splog or blog spam usually contains: automatically generated content or spam content copied from other websites. Blogs like these contain automatically generated content designed to promote related commercial websites by increasing their search engine rankings.

Splogs are also known as blog spam. Currently the number of Splogs has begun to decrease even though they are still on the internet. The reason is, many blogs like this are removed from the Google index. However, this type of blog will always exist.


It turns out that there are many types of blogs on the internet, which are distinguished by platform, content, purpose, and format.

Of the several types of blogs that have been mentioned above, what type of blog do you currently have?

Whatever type of blog you are, hopefully the blog will provide benefits for others and not results copy paste from other people’s blogs.

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