How to build an online store from scratch
How to build an online store from scratch

How to build an online store from scratch

In this tutorial you will learn to create an online store where you can display and sell products in the form of goods. Create an online store for some people is a difficult thing to do, but if you use the tool and the right way as in this tutorial, you can make it easily. How to build an online store from scratch?

Things You need to create an Online Store:

To create an online store or any other type of website, you only need two things.

  • Domain – i.e. a website address to your online store on the internet, such as
  • Hosting – a place where your online store website files are stored.

There are many types of hosting services that you can use.

How to build an online store from scratch

How to build an online store from scratch
How To Build An Online Store From Scratch

Steps to Create an Online Store

Step 1: Order Hosting and Domain.

Order hosting and domain for your online store. Please read about Tips for choosing a web hosting service.

Note: If you have chosen a domain when registers, it is necessary to remember that your domain will not be accessible on the internet directly. This process is called with the pointing and takes 5 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours. Email and your website will not function properly until your domain pointing.

Step 2: Installing a Website

Do WordPress installation with plugins and themes.

Install WordPress.

So that your website can be accessed through the internet, you must perform the installation of WordPress. Here are the steps.

  1. Please login to Your cPanel hosting, using the username and password that was sent to your email after You make payment and your hosting active. For cPanel login URL in the form After a successful login to cPanel please click WordPress menu as shown below.
  2. Next, please click the Install Now button
  3. In the Software Setup section please select your domain name in the Choose Domains field, for the In Directory field to be emptied.
  4. Don’t forget to fill out your online store’s name along with a description.
  5. Please specify the username and password that you will use to login to the WordPress dashboard.
  6. Last please click the Install button.
    Installing wordpress
  7. If the installation process is successful, will perform detail regarding your website URL with the URL for login to the WordPress dashboard.

You can also learn about How To Install WordPress Manually Using File Manager?

Install the WooCommerce plugin

Next, so that your website has comprehensive features for online store website, please do the installation of the WooCommerce plugin.

  1. Please click the Plugins menu > Add New
    Add new plugin
  2. In the search field please type WooCommerce.
  3. Enable the WooCommerce plugin by pressing the Activate button
    Activate woocommerce plugin

Replace WordPress Theme

After the installation of WooCommerce is already done, to make the online store is to install special online store theme.

  1. To replace the WordPress theme, please access your WordPress admin page. The login URL used to be
    Login to your online store
  2. Then select Appearance > Themes > Add New
  3. In the search field please type the name of the template that you want to use, in this tutorial we are using Storefront. Then click install on the selected theme. (You can also using premium wordpress theme like Avada: All-in-One Theme)
  4. Activate theme with click the Activate button.

    Activate storefont theme

Step 3: perform the Website settings

Although earlier when doing your WordPress installation already specify the name and description of your website, sometimes for the store name and description are not yet perfect.

To change it, please choose Settings menu> General, in the Site Title section please enter your online store name, and in the Tagline section please enter a short decryption about your online store, then click the Save Settings button.

Step 4: Setting the Online store

Perform WooCommerce Settings

  1. Please click Run the Setup Wizard button to make settings on your online store.
    Woocommerce wizard
  2. Please fill in the full address details of your store, currencies, and the type of product you are selling, then click Let’s go!.
  3. Determine the type of payment you can receive, if only the Bank transfer method please directly click the Continue button.
  4. If you want to specify the same postage rates for all regions, please enter the shipping cost in the Shipping Method. Then press the Continue button.
  5. In this step the process of setting up WooCommerce is complete. Please click the Return to Your Dashboard link.

Add Product

Once you have successfully set up the WooCommerce plugin, to make the online store able to display the products that you sell, please add the product according to the steps below.

  1. Please select Products > Add New.
    Add new product
  2. Enter a title and description about the products you are sell
  3. On the right or below, there is a menu of Product Categories, please click the link + Add New Category and add a name for Your product category. This will come in handy when the buyer looking for your product by category.
  4. Add the price in the Product data section under the editor.
  5. Click the Inventory menu, in the SKU column please add the item code that will make it easier for you or the buyer to find it. If you want to display the stock quantity please check the Enable stock management at product level, then fill the stock quantity in Stock quantity.
  6. In the Shipping section you can add product weight and size.
  7. Enter a short description of your product in the Product short description, this will appear on pages containing some of your product list.
  8. Lastly, one of the most important parts please enter your product image. For the main image click the Set product image link and for the gallery product you can add it via the Add product gallery images link.
    Set product image
  9. If you have finished adding products, please click Publish

Add Image Categories

So that every product category you show has pictures, you need to add the picture as following steps.

  1. Please select Products > Categories
    Product categories
  2. Click Edit on one of the product categories.
  3. Upload images according to your category through the Upload / Add image button then click Update to save the changes. Please do that step to other product categories.

Do The Main Page settings

The main page is the first seen by visitors when your domain is accessed. Therefore you have to create the online store more attractive by making settings on the page. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Please select Pages menu > Add New
    New page
  2. Fill in the title of the page, in the Page Attributes section please select Homepage, then press the Publish button
  3. Select Settings menu> Reading, in the Front page displays please select A static Page, then select the page you have created. To save your changes, please press the Save Changes button.

Step 5: develop your Online store

In this step You’ve made online store to be able to display products. Next you need to add some important parts on an online stores website, such as adding a contact page or how to order page.

In order for your product to easily enter the search engine index list, please verify the website to Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster. You can also read How to drive traffic to your online store.

Thank you very much for reading How to build an online store from scratch, hopefully useful.

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