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Free Proxy List

12 Recommended Free Proxy List For You To Try | Recommended Free Proxy List For You To Try – In this digital era, it is possible for everyone to access the internet from anywhere. However, it is possible that when we access the internet, our data can be taken by someone who is not responsible. How come?

When accessing the internet you will get an IP address and the server can get information on the device you are using, the location where you access the internet, and even your personal data through that IP address.

Of course, no one wants their personal data to be spread out, especially if it is used by irresponsible parties.

For that, there is a technology that you can use to protect your personal data, namely a proxy. What are proxies? Let’s discuss it first before moving on to the next topic.

What is a Proxy?

The proxy is a system that is used as a bridge between the user and the internet. So this system will protect the user’s real identity, so the data that will be sent to the server uses the IP address of the proxy server that is used, not the original user’s IP address.

Proxies are widely used for companies or businesses that want to develop a closed network. In addition, you can also access websites that are blocked in certain areas by using a proxy.

For that, you can use several free proxies that we will recommend for you. Read on!

12 Best Free Proxy List Recommendations

Here are 13 recommended free proxies that you can use to secure your personal data.

1. Whoer

Whoer is the fastest free proxy compared to other web proxies. Whoer is available in the form of a plugin that you must install in your browser first.

However, unlike other web proxies that only support plugins on Chrome and Firefox, this free proxy supports more plugins for web browsers such as Opera and Yandex.

With several features such as checking internet speed, avoiding tracking and blocking of websites, providing a fast connection on the country server you want, it will not track any activity because it does not keep any logs, change IP addresses, and perform leak tests on DNS.

But if you use the free service, the speed you get is only about 1 Mbps and if you want to get server service with choices in the various countries you have to update to the premium version at a cost of around 9.90 US dollars.

2. Cyberghost

Cyberghost is a highly recommended VPN for streaming and torrenting with 8 servers spread across 4 countries such as Germany, Romania, the United States, and the Netherlands.

This free web proxy offers optimal speed and automatic configuration by providing HD streaming quality with various sites that can be opened such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, and also YouTube TV.

Fast torrenting capabilities supported by optimal servers for secure P2P activities.

This free proxy comes in the form of an extension that can be installed on Chrome and Firefox via the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Addons.

It has a kill switch feature that is used to ensure that your personal data and IP address will never be exposed even if the VPN connection is unstable.

Cyberghost is one of the free online web proxies that doesn’t store data logs and also if you want to use it, you don’t need to log in or register.

3. Proxy Site

ProxySite is one of the free proxy list that has a gigabit network that is able to provide speed to access web pages. In addition, a free website proxy site with special servers located all over the world.

It has several features such as providing global access, SSL features that can help you browse safely, and protecting your privacy by browsing anonymously such as to access YouTube and Facebook.

4. Proxify

Proxify is one of the free proxy list that you can use to surf the internet safely and protect your personal data.

This free proxy has servers worldwide with 1390 satellites in 219 cities from 65 countries.

Some of the features possessed by this free online web proxy are being able to hide data so you can access the internet anonymously because the connection will be encrypted and the network traffic you are using cannot be monitored.

This free proxy supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms and all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari

5. Oxylabs Proxy Server

These free proxy services have the ability to collect data on a fairly large scale. It can also be used for managing accounts such as market research, travel fare aggregation, brand protection, price monitoring and SEO monitoring.

The free proxy has several features such as a datacenter that provides unlimited bandwidth and domains, fetches data from search engines and e-commerce websites, offers captcha handling features.

Unfortunately to get some of these excellent features you have to pay around 180 US dollars per month.

6. Megaproxy

Megaproxy is a free web proxy that you can use to open social media and Google services with various multimedia content because this web proxy is difficult to detect by famous websites.

Besides being able to be used to hide IP addresses, this proxy is able to hide the type of browser and also the operating system you are using.

However, because this free proxy is not paid at all, you can only open 60 website pages in 5 hours.

7. Hidester Proxy

Hidester is a newcomer in the free web proxy service which has 2 servers in America and Europe.

However, even though it is relatively new, this free proxy has several features that are more complete than other free proxies, but can be said to be similar to the Hide.Me proxy.

With the SSL encryption feature that is able to secure the data you send and the data you receive because it will be converted into encryption so that no one can read the data.

Other features that it has, such as not storing any log data, can block ads and cookies, besides that, it can also be a password generator to create secure passwords.

8. Proxy Scrape

These free proxies are capable of offering fast speed and customization as well.

Besides, you can access blocked sites, you can also connect to HTTP, Socks4, or Socks5 proxies by selecting one of the available proxies.

The features of this free online web proxy include URL encryption, page encryption, object deletion, and you can even enable/disable cookies.

9. FilterByPass

Just like some other proxies, FilterByPass is able to encrypt data using SSL to protect your data.

This free proxy has 2 servers located in the United States as well as Europe. FilterByPass is widely used to access multimedia content as well as social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitter, and Google.

In addition, you can also enter the url that you will open and then you can explore the website by selecting an available server.

10. VPN Book

Vpn Book is a free web proxy that is famous for its speed which is equipped with 256 bit SSL but does not limit the user’s bandwidth.

Has 5 server locations in 4 countries such as America, UK, Canada, and France. But unfortunately this proxy keeps your logs for 7 days, so you can consider this before choosing this proxy.

11. 4everproxy

This free proxy service from 4everproxy has multiple servers in 8 different locations.

If you use this proxy then you can use a different IP address for each page you open in the browser and also no one can know the url you are visiting.

Besides that, you can also choose which server you will use and the cool thing is that you can use several servers at once. It is very interesting isn’t it.

Wait a minute, that’s not all, the free online web proxy also doesn’t keep any logs of your activity and the session will be deleted after two hours when you close the browser.

12. HMA

HMA or HideMyAss is a proxy packed with pretty interesting features. Features such as smart kill switch, tab killer, and IP shuffle.

Just like Cyber Ghost which has a smart kill switch that is useful for ensuring that there are no accidental data leaks when the VPN experiences an unstable connection.

Furthermore, the IP shuffle feature is used to change the IP address every few hours ,which aims to protect anonymity better and also anticipate web trackers.

Tab killer is a feature used to hide open tabs in the browser by pressing available shortcuts.

In addition to the features above, there are several features that can be activated or not, such as features for SSL encryption, blocking cookies, and also removing ad scripts.

The number of servers that are owned is about 6 pieces and this free web proxy has several servers located in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Amsterdam, and the Czech Republic.

Even though it has several servers, you can only use 1 tab in the browser. This free online web proxy can be used directly in the browser and also using the plugins available in Chrome and Firefox.

Which Will Be Your Choice?

A proxy is a system used to hide your IP address and personal data when accessing the internet. Free proxies have several options as we have explained to you.

If you want a free secure proxy you can choose CyberGhost. However, to choose a free proxy you have to pay more attention to what disadvantages or risks you will get and don’t focus on the advantages.

If you still feel unsafe using a free proxy you can also use a VPN. But keep in mind to always be vigilant and avoid crime by choosing the right free proxy. Stay alert and don’t make the wrong choice!

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