Travel photos tips using a smartphone

As one of the social media that is widely used, Instagram becomes a place to share the moment, such as photos while traveling. Not only utilize the DSLR cameras, smartphone cameras now has also provided technology to produce photos that are not less than the results of DSLR camera photos.

To get the best photos from the smartphone camera, a number of shooting techniques can be done. The following tips to make traveling wonderful photos on Instagram.

Travel photo tips using a smartphone

Travel photos tips

Travel photos tips

Learn the technique.
Try to learn the basic composition of image capture, among other things, the rule of the third auxiliary line, framing, angle of view, angle shooting and lighting.

Pay attention to lighting.
In shooting, lighting becomes one of important keys, especially if you take pictures with a smartphone camera. Lighting can be set by setting the exposure compensation.

Set The ISO.
In order for your smartphone’s camera settings to be equivalent to DSLRs, you can also set it up on the ISO. ISO is a level of camera sensitivity to light, that exists around the object.

As with any professional camera, a number of smartphones now have also been provided with ISO, one of Polytron Prime 7. Prime 7 with 8MP capacity wide angle front camera and 13MP rear camera with ISOCELL sensor.

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Travel photos tips using a smartphone

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