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In the smartphone industry, two of the most known brands is Apple and Samsung. However, there are quite a number of Chinese companies also participated in competition with two giant corporations. The brand among others, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. Considering there are a lot of companies over the hearts of the users of the Android smartphone, to be honest, We sometimes difficult to differentiate one brand to another brand.

A few years later, the Oppo tried to appear different from the smartphone brings the focus on camera features, particularly the front camera. Then, how is the performance of the Oppo smartphone? This time, we will discuss the Oppo F3, one of the new smartphone from Oppo.

At first glance, we felt the design of the Oppo F3 is not much different with Oppo F1 Plus. Both have physical home button-shaped, tapering at the bottom center.

The Home button is flanked by two capacitive buttons with backlit, which would light up so the screen lights up. The power button is on the left while the volume button is on the right. In the back, you will find the Oppo logo in the Middle top.

Oppo F3 design

One of the things that distinguishes F3 with F1 Plus is the camera. The F3 has two front camera that allows you to take selfie with a wider angle. The other difference is the placement of the flash of the camera on the back. Flash on F3 is on the right of the camera lens and not the bottom, like F1 Plus.

At the bottom, there is a USB port Type-C which is flanked by speaker and audio port hole. The placement of the speaker holes on the bottom of the left means the vote will still be heard clearly regardless of whether you put it with the screen above or below.

However, when using it in landscape position, to watch a movie or play a game for example, the sound is muffled because the hole will usually be covered by the speaker’s hands.

Software and Interfaces.
Google will launch Android O a few more months, and Oppo still embedding Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system on F3. Oppo is not the only smartphone that still uses Android in its smartphones.

Oppo complement the F3 with the Clone App feature. This feature allows you to create a clone of a specific application. However, if you use two SIM cards, this feature is useful to enable two accounts at once without having to use two phones.

The camera and Video.

This year it seems dual camera is a new trend in the smartphone industry. Given that all this time Oppo always focus on the ability to take selfie photos, no wonder if the F3, the Chinese-origin company decided to embed the two cameras, front and rear cameras instead.

Oppo is not the first company that decided to offer two front camera features. Before this, Vivo has done the same thing with V5 Plus. However, the two companies chose a different approach for the two front cameras on your phone.

If Vivo chose to offer the bokeh feature, Oppo has triggered wide angle selfie feature, which allows you to take a picture with a wider angle, so you can take the wefie with more people without the help of tongsis.

About the performance of the camera, the photos from Oppo F3 quite well if used outdoors or indoors with sufficient bright lighting. Unfortunately, when used in place with a light Dim, usually appear a lot of noise in the image.

Oppo already complement the F3 with the Expert Mode, which allows you to change the ISO, Shutter speed, and focus. You can even save the file in the form of RAW, which is typically used if you want to edit images after taking photos.

Performance and battery life.
MediaTek MT6750T6 is probably not the most qualified processors that exist today. However, along with Mali-T860, the processor is already powerful to make the Oppo F3 working on various tasks seamlessly. F3 also can be used to play games like Asphalt 8: Airborn.

With 4 GB of RAM, Oppo F3 can move from one application to another application without any pause. Oppo completes this one with 64 GB of internal memory. If memory is still not enough, you can use the microSD card to extend the memory.

The only competitors who have the Oppo F3 battery that can last much longer is Xiaomi Redmi 4 x. The other three competitors have batteries with endurance that are not much different or even lower than F3. During discharging, Oppo F3 does have proven durable battery.

After the focus to launch a mobile phone for a selfie over the past few years, Oppo has now decided to raise the level and use the two front cameras on F3. This feature allows you to take a picture of selfie with a wider angle.

Oppo F3 has a solid performance and battery life is quite durable. Although the design is similar to the design of smartphones made by Oppo before this, but it is not a mistake. The rear camera and front camera also produce images that are quite sharp, though the resulting in a photo has a lot of noise when used at night or in a dark place.

This phone is suitable for those who love to take selfie and not too concerned with the exact specifications of a mobile phone.

ProcessorMediaTek MT6750T6
OSAndroid 6.0 + ColorOS 3.0
Internal Memory64GB
Camera13MP (back), 16MP + 8MP (rear)
Dimension153,3 x 75,2 x 7,3 mm
Weight153 gram
Battery3.200 mAh
Monitor5,5 inch 1920 x 1080 pixel

Oppo F3 Advantage:

  • Selfie wide angle,
  • RAM and a large internal memory,
  • Long-life battery and a fast charging.

Disadvantages Oppo F3:

  • still use Android Marshmallows,
  • the performance of the camera in the dark a bit disappointing.


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