How to put app play store on the blog post?

Is your blog about android app? If yes, you definitely want to show the android app in your blog posts. Many blogs that discuss about the Android and iOS apps, but does not show the application referred to in the article, it only displays the image applications discussed.

Basically, the Play Store and App Store do not provide the facility to link their apps to embed in a blog post. However, we could use a third party service to put the application into a blog post. That is what we will discuss in this post.

Actually, there are many services that can be used to install android apps in a blog post. But that will be discussed today is Playboard. Here are the steps:

First go to Here you can create account and classify your own applications. But to embed, you are not required to create an account.

At the top, select the service to be embedded, for example from Play Store then select Android, for App Store then select iPhone or iPad.

Search for applications that want to embed into the blog post by typing it in the search box.

Playboard will display the search results and select which application to embed.

On the selected application will appear as follows. Next, click “Embed” available under the application description.

The HTML code will appear which can be put in the blog post.

Copy the html code into the post you are going to put applications by change in HTML mode. Then published.

The result like this:

Actually, the Play Store and the App Store can be installed to a blog without having to use the way above. But you have to use both applications store API. This API is open to web developers.


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How to put app play store on the blog post?

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