Defense against cyber attacks

The existence of the internet does make life easier. However, advances in technology do not always have a positive impact, but also the negative impact. In this case, malware is one of the negative effects of the existence of the internet. The malware word is a combination of the words malicious and software. One of the most dangerous malware is ransomware, which encrypts the personal data of the victims and forcing victims to pay for getting their personal data decryption key.

In may 2017, WannaCry had horrendous world because only in the short time, the ransomware is widespread. WannaCry spread in various countries. WannaCry infects the national health system in the United Kingdom, Germany’s National Railway, the Ministry of Internal Affairs Russia and others.

Defense against cyber attacks

Defense against cyber attacks

In the Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) made on an annual basis by Symantec, there are some findings based on the various attacks in the past. In the report, also discussed about the predictions of cyber attacks in the future.

One of the findings in the report is 1 of 156 email containing malware. In the past year, the attacks of ransomware rising 36 percent. Each month, ransomware attack detected by Symantec reaches 40 thousand attacks.

So, what can you do?

Defense against cyber attacks

Alert by email that you receive.
One of the techniques used by hackers is spear phishing. Through this technique, hackers will pretend to be businesspeople or people you know. Therefore, you should be careful about email from people you do not know and do not open the attachment that you do not know.

Education became one of the important factors in preventing became a victim of hackers. According to the report made by Kaspersky Lab, as many as 46 percent of the IT security incidents caused by company employees. Therefore, to educate family, friends and employees have an important role in preventing cyber attacks.

Security policy.
Now, hackers are increasingly keen to strike SME (small medium enterprises). One reason is because the cyber defense of SME inadequate compared with large enterprises. Establishing cyber security-related policies as well as requiring employees to lock doors and turn on alarms during the night.

The use of strong passwords.
There are several provisions in the create a password to verify that the password you are using is strong. For example, the use of a combination of letters and numbers.

Use trusted software.
When you download the app to your smartphone, you should only download from the store of trusted applications, like Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download applications from trusted developers. The same thing also applies to programs on your computer. Preferably, purchase software directly from trusted vendors and avoid using pirated software.

Keep up to date.
In addition to using the original operating system and software, you should make sure that the operating system and software you are using is the most recent version. Continue to download the security patch that is provided by the provider of the program will minimize the chances that you will become a victim of the cyber attacks.

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Defense against cyber attacks

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