5 Tips for Using your name as a Domain Name

When you are considering to buy a domain name for the purposes of personal branding, there are some basic things that need to be considered in determining your personal domain, such as a domain name should be easy to remember, clear and suitable for long periods of time.

Considering that all important things, then a best domain name you can use for the benefit of personal branding is your own name. With a variety of such considerations, here’s five tips for using your name as a domain name:

1. Your domain name should be easily pronounced, spelled and written.

If you do not follow these things, you will spend a lot of time just to tell people what is your domain name. So, make sure you use only your name as your domain name and do not use words that can be difficult to be spelled and pronounced.

Tips for Using your name as a Domain Name

Tips for Using your name as a Domain Name (Image: Pixabay)

2. Avoid using punctuation.

RobbyWilliam.com domain name will be much easier to remember and pronounce than Robby-William.com, because usually people often do not pay attention to the existence of the sign of the strip and would make them confused, so they will ask it back to you.

3. Use your middle name.

Unless you have an unusual name and you just want some people just need to know it, you should use a middle name to set the name that you use is not the same with other people. The likelihood of people having in common a name with three words that are similar to the much smaller compared to the similarity of names with two words.

4. Use the name that you want to use in a professional manner

Select a name that you will place on your resume, not a nickname or short name. For example, use the name Amelia not just Amy.

5. Do not use the type of job you want or where you work

For short-term strategy, it is not a bad idea. Personal domain name as Robbywilliam.com can indeed help you more easily get a job, but of course you will not use the domain name if you already work instead?

The most important thing to remember when choosing a personal domain name is to ensure that you actually pick a domain name that could really reflect on yourself for the next few years. Because you will not change your name, but you can just change your interests, occupation, and place of work. Using the right personal domain name will help you cope with all the stuff in the future.

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5 Tips for Using your name as a Domain Name

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