Various Themes to Reflect You in

You must be grateful to have WordPress as your website. It’s worldwide used and has many features to support the look including the themes. As we know the more beautiful look of our website, the more visitor are attracted to come and have sightseeing at it. It is not simple to make our website look attractive yet eye-catching. Sometimes it looks glorious and classical but it does not feel good to enter it because it looks too elegant or even spooky. The choice of color does matter, too. Cheerful and pastel colors are usually more eye-catching than the black or dark colors. However, it still depends on you how to design and decorate your website.

The important thing of having website is it reflects your personality since it speaks your mind and your life. You open yourself to the cyber people through your website so that make it is so you. Are you confused to find the best themes choice for your WordPress website? Don’t worry, just type on your search engine and welcome to the gorgeous themes world. Beside they look modern and sophisticated, all of the themes here are SEO friendly, so that they are able to boost up your web rank at the top position. They are not only good-looking but also fully functional and have responsive layout to build. You can find many choices for the types of your website, such as portfolio website, blog website, business website, commerce website, company website and so forth.

Inkthemes review

Inkthemes review (Image Credit: Bishal Biswas)

The themes at are appropriate for your online business because they come with mobile responsive layout and excellent design which you can modify anywhere and anytime you want. Those features will make your online business runs smoother and faster in one hand. If you need to upload some videos to attract your online customers, provides you with Video Member which is made for designing your content video and sell it. This video themes enable you to earn money for a long period. The video theme works by providing a video platform which you can design by your own. There you can share any video content you want such as tutorials, trailers of some movies, reviews, gameplay, specific techniques and so on . Those video contents are made based on your passion, if you like cooking, you might share about how to cook certain recipes, if you like doing exercise, you might upload a video content about several types of doing practical exercise. It’s not only about your passion, but also about the business you run. If your business if about landscaping, you might share about the techniques about it. Of course it’s not free, your skills will be appreciated through the premium fee you set. So, you can have some financial benefit when your customer by your courses. You can set your content membership on monthly or yearly basis. The themes enabled you to set it, so that only those who bought the courses will enjoy the access to them. You might wonder how it works, visit or which have earned billions money by having video membership websites. You will get the membership module as soon as you buy the themes at $119, so you can set your video membership themes quickly and easily.

Some people have passion or business at house riding clubs, schools and association. also provides the themes designed for them called BlackHorse WordPress theme. The reviews unfolded that the themes come with awesome features which support your online business dealing with the horse ranches and equestrians such as the natural look, the milestones of your clubs dealing with the championship, and also the slides which can be zoomed to see a bigger image. The customers enable to give testimonials here, specifically on Homepage Two Columns with the picture they can share. Beside the testimonials, they can also share the life story about a successful equestrians which will inspire the readers about the school or clubs to horse riding. You can also promote the info of the clubs and academy here which are important for the equestrians to-be. The BlackHorse theme also comes with PayPal integration option which you can set on the Homepage with the custom button, a full-width column for the setting the titles and descriptions, connected social media, gorgeous color choices, responsive features for any services like iPad, iPhone, tablets and mobile phones. Lastly and expectedly, the theme is SEO friendly which means you can be the first among your rivals. To get this theme you only need to buy for $59 and to download all of the themes you should be a member and pay for $147. Right after you become a member you will get some facilities like an instant access to the product, a member area, the documentation of the theme, the support for a lifetime website, and the updates for regular product. It’s interesting, right?

Another interesting theme at is Variant which targets the business people. It comes with useful features for business such as conversion option and landing page. You can set your landing page with the five layouts provided and forms through FormGet. Your Variant can also be designed with more than one landing pages, but all of them come in one price only, that is $77 after the discount.

If you have classified websites which consist of services and new business idea, you might want to have ClassiCraft of It is designed for classified websites which comes with classified ads platform, a quick administration panel, and all currency setup. The customers can register independently here, then post their ads. They pay for some fee which you can set. Let’s see this simulation, you charge them $2 per ads and you have around 1000 paying customers, so you will get $2000 monthly. How amazing! The customers will be directed to PayPal if they wanted to pay for posting an ads. It is done automatically so you just sit back and let PayPal takes care of your money. For ClassiCraft, you will get the good price at $97 for buying and $147 for having all the themes.

So, those are some fabulous and smart themes you can buy from It is wonderful to imagine that your business run smoothly only because of the themes sake!


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Are you confused to find the best themes choice for your WordPress website? Don't worry, just type on your search engine and welcome to the gorgeous themes world

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Various Themes to Reflect You in

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