Kitty live streaming

Kitty Live was first released in July 2016 and then claimed to have reached the first position of download rankings. Kitty Live streaming users worldwide has reached more than 20 million with the largest numbers in Thailand and Indonesia.

They claim one of the reasons for this success is the localization of interesting content and features. The figure was successfully achieved in a short time, less than one year.

Kitty Live streaming

Kitty Live streaming

Live Kitty is one of the most popular live streaming apk to broadcast and watch live broadcasts, apk live broadcast number 1 in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Superstar Thailand, Mai Davika joined Kitty Live and enticing a number of internet celebrities. To join! Go Kitty Live, follow Mai Davika and you won’t miss the next fantastic broadcast.

Kitty Live is live-streaming video platform on a mobile phone that was founded by a team from China aimed at the global market. Founder and CEO of Kitty Live, Sean Su, has had over 10 years experience in the development of marketing abroad. Kitty Live first launched in Thailand in July 2016, which then gradually spread to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries, as well as being a major player in the mobile video live-stream in Southeast Asia.

Unlike some other live broadcasting platform in the market, Live Kitty is a high-end platform that has value and style.

Kitty Live team successfully cooperates with many popular celebrities and online stars. Kitty Live also managed to create a brand image that is comfortable, stylish and youthful.

Kitty Live provides a solution for setting up fans and build brand, with the influence of the verified host through various social media channel, creating an entertaining, social-based platform for all APP users.

At this time, Kitty Live have started business in Latin America, Japan, and South Korea, the Middle East, Russia and other countries.

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Kitty live streaming

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