Google offers motorcycle riding map apps

After only providing navigation for car, train, pedestrians, and cyclists, now the Google Maps Navigation provides for motorcycle riding, Google offers motorcycle riding map apps. That way, the rider can calculate a trip time by more accurate.

Unfortunately, navigation updates for bikers on the Google Maps currently only available in India.. This new feature was launched as part of Google for India.

As with navigation for other vehicles, motorcycle mode to find the best and most efficient routes. In addition, the navigation was also informed if there is closure of the road and the parking availability at the destination.

The launch of navigation for motorcycle in India does make sense. The reason, India is the largest two-Wheeler market in the world. In addition, many roads which could not pass the car, and is suitable for motorcycles.

With so many riders in India who rely on these applications, navigation in Google Map can also show the landmarks in each area. So, the rider can make travel arrangements, and do not often see the smartphone to see map. Just FYI, Google Maps Navigation in India will be followed by several other countries.


Motorcycle riding map apps

Motorcycle riding map apps

The traffic-based app, Waze, has added motorcycles as the type of vehicle for setting routes and navigation. This addition to ensure the bikers know the path faster and safer to follow.

In addition to enjoy the standard features of Waze, the rider can also find out the latest road conditions from fellow riders, and the estimated travel time is different from the car. Then, the riders got the alternative path information, ease of navigation, and travel security with voice command so it does not need to see the smartphone screen.

To enable this particular navigation, users can access the setting, vehicle type, and select the motorcycles. This navigation feature can also be enjoyed globally, starting November 29, 2017 for Android and iOS operating systems, and is available in all languages.

To note, based on size and agility, motorcycles are now an efficient and economical solution for people living in the city. Motorcycle even became the main transportation vehicles in the Asia-Pacific countries. Therefore, it is only natural if Waze pamper motorcycle users.

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Google offers motorcycle riding map apps

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