Google Launches 7 Hardware From Camera To Smart Phone

In the Google Event, a technology company based in Silicon Valley has unveiled a range of hardware products ranging from cameras, smart speakers to pixel phones. Rick Osterloh appears open with keynote address related hardware products. Previously Google has acquired HTC smartphone’s hardware Division.

As for the hardware products being launched at this Google Event are:

The pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is a two cell phones, small and large, with an OLED display, focus on computational photography, and a lot of passive aggression against Apple. The product will be available for pre-order today for delivery of 19 October and 15 November, each at a price of US $649 or £629 and £799 or US $849.

Google Home Mini, smart small speakers that can be paired with other wireless intelligent speaker, designed to get Google’s Assistant into all parts of your home. It will sell for $49, with pre-orders open today, and be in stores on October 19.

Google Launches 7 Hardware

Google Launches 7 Hardware

Google Home Max, a great intelligent speakers that really can present music, intended for products that compete with Apple and Sonos. This product has a price of $399, and is available only in the United States in December.

Google Clips, the camera always ready to take pictures of pets and more, with an artificial intelligence (AI) in the device by taking the best time to photograph while still ensuring the privacy of its users. Set up and forget it, and came back 30 minutes later a lovely photo ready. The device has a price of US $249 and will be coming soon.

Pixel Buds are wireless headphones and feature simultaneous translation when using them with Pixel phones. Comes with a price of US $199, this product also available soon.

Pixelbook that is a hybrid Tablet or laptop or mobile phones are sleek, running the Chrome OS and offer Google desktop Assistant. It weighs 1 kg and 1 cm thick, with a starting price of US $999.

Later, Daydream View is a VR headset comes in three new colors and with a new lens. This product has a price of US $99 and is available at this time.


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Google Launches 7 Hardware From Camera To Smart Phone

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