Advertise on Website was launched on February 23, 2015. The website traffic is growing rapidly from day to day continues to increase.

Advertise on our website

We are happy to announce that is creating a new online advertising  program. We will be accepting advertising ads that will display on our website to help advertise  your business.

Ads will include a link to your website, and you can choose for your ad to run any length of time  from 1 month to 1 year.

Place your business message in front of the world! We offer effective, very low cost website  advertising solutions that enable advertisers to place their banners or text links on our site in  various key locations. We can also answer any technical support questions you might have.

The Advantages of Advertise on BlogMarketingTool

  • Using Selfhost and TLD Domain
  • The website is updated daily with high-quality content
  • Already have loyal visitors
  • Your banner ad will be seen by thousands of visitors per day who come from various sources (direct, organic, social, and referral)
  • The website already has the brand and already famous.

Here’s a list of advertising space and price.

  • Popunder ads (ad Price 1,000 USD/ month)
    A variation on the pop-up window is the pop-under advertisement, which opens a new browser window hidden under the active window. Pop-unders do not interrupt the user immediately and are not seen until the covering window is closed, making it more difficult to determine which web site opened them.
  • Online Chatting / LiveChat ad (ad Price 800 USD / month)
  • PopUp Ads (Ad price 600 USD / month)
    Pop-up ads or pop-ups are often forms of online advertising on the World Wide Web intended to attract web traffic or capture email addresses. Pop-ups are generally new web browser windows to display advertisements
  • Horizontal Banner Ad Size 728 × 90 (Rates Ad 400 USD / month)
    Shown on all pages. This ad is quite prestigious because it is the main advertising of Blog Marketing Tool. These ads placed at the bottom of the header, making it easy and often seen by visitors. This ad had a high level page CTR.
  • Banner ads on the sidebar box. (Rates Ad 200 USD / month)
    Shown on all pages. This ad is located on the right sidebar. This type of advertising is very easily seen by visitors as mounted on the side, so that the number of clicks is also high.
  • Banner Ad Size 468 × 60 under the title of the article. (Rates Ad 200 USD / month)
    This type of advertising only appears on the post pages only. The layout of this advertisement is under the title of posts / articles. Therefore, advertising has great potential and is often seen by visitors.
  • Ad Banner Size 468 × 60 at the bottom of the article. (Rates Ad 200 USD / month)
    Shown on the post pages only. These ads placed at the end of the post or the end of the articles, so these ads are often seen by visitors after they finish reading the article.
  • Text Link Ads. Dofollow in the sidebar (Rates Ad 1,000 USD / year)
    An advertisement in text links posted on the sidebar. Location / position of advertisement is below banner ads. These ads placed in DoFollow, with anchor text corresponding advertiser demand.

Paid Review

In addition to providing services advertised banner, Blog Marketing Tool also provides Paid Review. You can promote your products in this website, which has the potential to increase sales and marketing of your website or business.

Rates paid 100 USD, – a maximum of 500 words per article written by Blog Marketing Tool.

Sponsored Post

In addition to providing services of Paid Reviews, Blog Marketing tool also provide Sponsored Post services. The service is almost the same as the Paid Review. But Sponsored Post’s article were made by the Advertiser. Theme / topic of the article is expected to correspond to the niche of Blog Marketing Tool.

Sponsored Post article fare is 25 USD, – per article.

Terms and Conditions for Advertise on Blog Marketing Tool

  • The ad does not contain material that smelled tribe, religion, race, and class (SARA), Pornography, Drugs, and others
  • Creatives entirely the responsibility of the advertiser
  • Banner ads created by the advertiser no larger than 100 KB
  • Ads will be put on the web no later than 1 × 24 hours after payment is received
  • Extension of advertisement must be confirmed before 7 days finished ad impressions
  • Banner ads should not be too vulgar
  • Payments already made should not be canceled (ask for refund)
  • Prices, terms and conditions may change at any time

To order advertising and payment information or we can talk about the price, please click the Contact form or contact via email at monitoringclub [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] id or via Yahoo Messenge. Please include the URL / address of your website and also your url image / banner.