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WordPress plugin for online store

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Among the website developers, WordPress is known as a CMS that can be used to make a wide range of websites. WordPress were originally created for the needs of blogging. However, as time passes, WordPress has grown into a versatile platform. Even WordPress you can use to create an online store. […]

UserPro – Best WordPress Membership Plugin

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One of the most profitable ways in making money strategy on the internet is to create a paid membership program and capture customers.
Why membership program/membership site so profitable?
Simply – membership programs get monthly payments (recurring).┬áIn other words, your customers are not just buying the course e-book or training video from you […]

Best WordPress plugins to start your Website

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WordPress provides more than 40,000 different plugin that you can download freely. A lot of things you can find, ranging from SEO, widget, Gallery, and online store. Of course you don’t need to install everything on the website. You simply install the best plugin WordPress and useful for your website.
Plugins are […]

WP Bounce Plugin

WP Bounce plugin
WP Bounce Plugin – Nowadays, we cannot separate people from their Smartphone. Everywhere we can see people holding their phone while doing their business and also complete their pleasure by playing games. In the United States, Amazon store is one of the most famous application stores where people can find any applications, games, […]