Shared hosting vs wordpress hosting
Shared Hosting Vs Wordpress Hosting

Differences Between Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting: Which is Better?

We often hear the question, Shared hosting Vs WordPress hosting differences, which is better for hosting your website? If you are looking for hosting needs for your website, these two types of hosting might be the offering of choice that you can try.

Although they sound similar, these two types of hosting are actually different. So in this discussion, we invite you to find out which two types of hosting are most suitable for your needs, especially for ordinary users.

You can learn more about it below.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting that is quite popular and widely used. This is a hosting service that is used for shared server usage. Like an apartment inhabited by many tenants.

That means, shared hosting is responsible for several websites belonging to other users. Thus, website owners need to share resources with each other.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is a hosting service that aims to optimize the WordPress CMS. Dedicated hosting resources whose use is no longer divided up like in a shared hosting arrangement. That way, the performance of the WordPress website becomes more optimal.

Indeed, what are the advantages of WordPress to make special hosting? Based on information from Kinsta (2020), here are some facts about WordPress.

  • Around 14.7% of the top websites or online stores are built using WordPress.
  • Every day, there are 550+ new WordPress websites compared to other e-commerce web builders, which only cover 60-80 sites per day
  • This WooCommerce plugin in WordPress has helped 22% of e-commerce websites in the world.

In essence, many people to companies have used WordPress. Unfortunately, ordinary users often find it difficult to create WordPress. Moreover, this top website built with WordPress also requires a lot of technical optimization so that it performs well.

Therefore, the presence of WordPress Hosting can be a solution. Because, you can use WordPress management and adopt various website optimization features that help make management easier.

Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting Differences

For those of you who want to create a WordPress website, you need to know first what is the difference between shared hosting Vs WordPress hosting.

1. CMS Used

The focus of shared hosting Vs WordPress Hosting is indeed different. Shared hosting can be used for various CMS, while WordPress Hosting is designed specifically for WordPress.

The reason is, the CMS that can be used is different. Therefore, the process of installing WordPress on Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting is also a bit different.

When purchasing a shared hosting service, for example, you first need to click on the Auto Install Website WordPress feature. But, what happens if you forget to click on this feature?

Don’t worry, you can still install WordPress via the Member Area. However, the installation procedure will be longer. Because, you need to fill in data, such as protocol, directory, domain, and more.

Meanwhile, if you use WordPress Hosting, you will automatically get a WordPress website immediately. This is of course much simpler and more practical.

2. Ease of Managing

Having a different focus on managing between shared hosting Vs WordPress Hosting is also not the same.

When using shared hosting, you can get cPanel to manage the hosting service. Starting from managing website files, managing databases, configuring PHP modules, and much more.

For people who already understand the world of hosting, using cPanel will feel easier. This is because, the freedom to manage is in the hands of the web owner himself.

But for people who are completely new to it, the existence of cPanel may actually be confusing. Too many technical terms that sound foreign. If tampered with, the risk could be an error and damaged website.

Luckily, WordPress Hosting provides easy web management. This is because, you will have WordPress Management. As the name suggests, this is a dedicated dashboard that can be used for your needs in managing your WordPress services.

Through a single dashboard, you can set up WordPress yourself. In addition, you can also optimize in terms of increasing speed, adding websites, doing backups, and others. It’s easy again, in just a few clicks all these features can be activated immediately.

All options are also written in easy to understand terms. So, the possibility of a wrong click also becomes smaller.

3. Capacity

Shared hosting is in accordance with the needs of websites that can show lots of pictures or other visual media, for example: blogs, organizations, web portfolios, etc. As for WordPress Hosting itself, it is more convenient for the needs of websites with high traffic. For example, online shop website, SMEs, e-commerce, and so on.

4. Complete Features

Shared hosting is suitable for people who are more familiar with the technical management of hosting. Because, shared hosting can free the owner to manage hosting. Including building a website from scratch up to any CMS.

Meanwhile, if you use WordPress Hosting, you will immediately get a WordPress website that is ready to use. Including installing important plugins can also be done automatically.

Therefore, shared hosting users do not get some of the built-in features that WordPress Hosting offers, such as:

  • High and Dedicated Resources. WordPress Hosting has a large and dedicated server resource. This means that one server can be used for only one hosting account. It’s different from shared hosting which can be used by other users
  • Instant Backup. A WordPress Hosting website can perform full backups instantly
  • Object Cache (Memcached). The Professional WordPress Hosting Package has been facilitated with a caching system that allows websites to work faster

Of course, having all these features can benefit the website. And the good news, WordPress Hosting can also provide all three features at once can install them on your website.

5. Security

For security, there are CageFS Security, SecureLinks, Hardened PHP and SSL (free and paid).

CageFS allows the server to work more securely. SSL (Secure Socket Layer), namely a security system to be used to protect the flow of data on the website. Such as login processes, transactions, etc.

6. Speed

WordPress Hosting has great speed features. This makes WordPress Hosting websites work up to 40x faster than those using Shared Hosting.

7. Number of Websites

You can create multiple websites under the same hosting. For example, if likened to land, hosting can allow you to build several houses or websites on it as long as there is still space.

8. Cost

The next difference between shared hosting Vs WordPress hosting lies in the cost of the service. In general, shared hosting rates are cheaper than WordPress hosting.

But the low cost is also offset by the facilities and performance that adjusts.

Apart from the cost, shared hosting is relatively more complicated because you need to take care of some technical things. While Managed WordPress is ready to use.

In addition, WordPress Hosting has more qualified resources to the point of the instant backup feature. The hosting capacity is also different. WordPress Hosting is also more suitable for high traffic websites. While web hosting is more limited.

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That was it Differences Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting. Both Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you need hosting at a low cost, and your website traffic is still not much, then you can use Shared Hosting.

But if you need hosting with reliable performance, more practical, and don’t worry about the cost, then WordPress Hosting is the solution you can choose.

Hope it is useful.

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