Reasons why we should limit the use of technology in Children

Times have changed, kids are more sophisticated nowadays and you could just lose the style while take the phone from the pocket. It should be noted, children are currently in Alpha generation, a generation that was born in the early 2000s, and since childhood they are familiar with the technology. The use of mobile phones in particular, make a child becomes hyperactive, let alone the many parents who use mobiles to soothe the child that stubborn. Simply give your gadget, the child immediately sat quietly.

In addition, parents often turn their sights on mobile phones and it definitely makes kids doing similar things. Daddy open Youtube, mothers open Instagram, maid open Facebook, and the boy even play Bigo, really outrageous.

Reasons why we should limit the use of technology

Reasons why we should limit the use of technology

Various effects are definitely felt, children who are too close to the technology certainly is not good at growing up. In addition the technology already goes into the schools, the kids have a diverse learning abilities, not only from within the class, such as the existence of online learning classes or downloading the tasks sent by the teacher via email.

That’s when the role of the internet as an additional or advanced material when children do not capture information in better on the internet. So many children who utilize the interest in finding they liked. Start of text, voice, and video is able to be accessed by children today. So do not be surprised they willingly do not eat just because it’s fun to play the game and lazy to hang out with the kids around because busy with their gadget.

One of the limitation is by applying on weekends or with strict rules. This method will make children will be limited movement with interaction with technology. Moreover, strong control is done by parents is expected that children do not abuse technology excessively.

The largest percentage that makes children use the gadget is by playing games, taking photos and watching videos. That number touched 79% watch the video and beat the number of game play is 72%. The reason is because the internet access provides a variety of video broadcast so that the child can easily surf in it. The platform is one of them is YouTube, often times the children escape from parental controls because YouTube they use tangent to a**dult content. For parents who use YouTube as one of the child’s digital learning media, it is very helpful especially for your child’s growth. So you don’t have to worry when your children are watching a number of videos on YouTube Kids.


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Reasons why we should limit the use of technology in Children

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