How to mute conversation twitter

Twitter is a social media is much simpler than other social media. Although able to embed photos and videos in every tweet, Twitter focuses on text-based content making it more lightweight. Therefore, you probably rely more on turnover of information on Twitter, but of course everyone has preferences information that they don’t want them to see. Twitter has already provided better security features and based on the preferences that you can control. Twitter has a feature named muted words, which can be used to filter the information on Twitter based on words that you dislike and this feature could apply in the circle of friendship or accounts you follow on Twitter. How to mute conversation twitter?

How to mute conversation twitter

  • Sign in to your Twitter account settings.

Suppose you follow some news accounts and you are less comfortable with news such as murder. That is, you want to block the Tweets containing the word ‘ murder ‘ and integrate it into the feature muted words.

First, you must Access the settings menu of your Twitter account. View Your Twitter account profile picture in the upper left corner of the display of Twitter. Click it so that it appears the menu column and then select ‘ settings and privacy ‘ menu.

  • Go into the privacy settings.

After doing the first steps, you will be redirected to a page containing the menu view related to account settings. Next, you have to search the menu for privacy settings, the menu can access through the menu marked ‘privacy and safety’. Select the menu.

If it is, you can see a selection of Twitter privacy settings. Slide the menu down to find the menu named ‘ muted words ‘ to access features that we described earlier.

  • Filling out the list of ‘ muted words ‘ features.
mute conversation twitter

mute conversation twitter

If you’ve been redirected to a page ‘ muted words ‘ feature, then you will see a blank page. Later, this page will contain words that do not want to find on your Twitter line. Those words will be words strained by Twitter before it is presented to you.

Keep in mind that Twitter Tweet contains a word that entered the list of ‘ muted words ‘ features, just will not appear in your Twitter line but can still be found on the Twitter search feature.

To enter a word in the ‘ muted words ‘ feature, select plus icon that is in the bottom right corner of the display of Twitter at that page.

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How to mute conversation twitter

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