How to add a Domain in cPanel

In this tutorial we will examine how to add domain in cPanel. It is important to learn, especially if you have more than one domain and want to add it into Your cPanel hosting. The trick is pretty easy to do, using Addon Domains feature on cPanel.

What do you need to add a domain in cPanel?

Before you start the first step on this tutorial, make sure that you have access to cPanel in your hosting account.

Step 1: Find the Addon Domains feature.

Please login to your cPanel and follow the steps below.

  1. Select the search menu on the top of cPanel page as seen in the figure below.
    How to add a Domain in cPanel
  2. Enter the keyword “Addon” in the search field and click Addon Domains menu that appear in the Domains.
    addon domain in cpanel

Step 2: how to add a Domain in cPanel using Addon Domains feature.

After opening Addon Domains feature, you will see the main page of Addon Domains. Please note the description and the pictures below with regard to the data you need to enter.

create an addon domain

  1. In the first column, please enter the domain name you want to add. In this example we enter
  2. IMPORTANT – in the second column, cPanel will automatically add the Subdomain. If you just want to add a single domain such as, that column can you let it auto-filled. However, if you have more than one domain with the same name but different with extension, such as and, it is advisable to rename the column differentiated on that Subdomain, e.g. yourdomaintwo
  3. The third column will be filled in automatically, this is the file path of the domain that you added. In this example would look like: public_html/ This means files of the domain that you added stored on the folder public_html > You can change the path if you wish, but we suggest to let that way.
  4. This option is optional. This will create an extra FTP account for the domain you entered on the addon features. If you are going to manage all of your domains, please don’t uncheck it. But if the domain that you added will be managed by another person or client, please tick. This is done to create a separate FTP account so that your clients can only access files in accordance with the added domains.Important – if you check the Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domains option, will perform a field that you need to fill.
    Create an FTP account associated with Addon DomainIn that column you can enter the username and password of the FTP account you want to create. To get the password you can use the Password Generator by pressing the Generate Password.
    How to add domainThis feature will create a password that is safe for the FTP account from addon domains. You can also use Advanced Options. Please save your password in a safe place. After that, please check I have copied this password in a safe place and click Use PasswordHow to addon domain in cpanelIn this way, the system will automatically create a new password in the FTP password.

Step 3: Set addon domain.

If already included all the information you need, please click the Add Domain button. You need to wait a few minutes until all the necessary folder was created successfully and the other setting process has been completed. After everything is done, you will see a display like the image below.

Add domain success

In this step You have succeeded in adding a domain in cPanel. So now you can upload your website files into a new subfolder of the addon domain (in this example into public_html/ Now you’ve managed to create an addon domain, you can see it on the Modify Addon Domains below addon domain.

Modify addon domain

There are several options that you can use:

  • Addon Domains – All addon domains you’ve added can be seen in this column.
  • Document Root – subfolders of addon domain. If you click the subfolders link, you will be redirected to the File Manager of your cPanel.
  • Subdomain – Subdomains that are created automatically when adding a domain.
  • Redirects to – here you can see where addon domains are directed. If you don’t redirect it will be visible not redirected. You can set up a redirect from the addon domains by click Manage Redirection that is on the right. After that, you will be directed to a new page that allows you to set the destination of the redirect for the addon domain.
    Addon domain redirections
  • Actions – option to delete addon domain.


In this tutorial, you learned how to add a domain in cPanel using Addon Domains. From here you can upload your website files into subfolders of addon domain. So that addon domains can be run properly, make sure that the settings of nameserver from hosting you’ve done on the domain panel.


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