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It has been released the theme which eases you to earn money by collecting some business people in one website. The theme is called Geocraft and it is one of the directory listing websites spread on the internet. Before it is gone too far, let’s talk about what the directory listing website is. In fact, the business directory websites come rapidly on the internet as a business center which can add the business people/company in listing. That is to say, it can be ads center for promoting some business. As a business center it comes with detail information for the visitors including the product details, features, price, quality and services from the business owners.

WordPress business directory theme

WordPress business directory theme

To build directory listing websites is beneficial because you can earn some money which you can get from customers. Your customers here are not the visitors but your clients which promote their business on your website. If you have already had a popular directory website, the business people will come to you and pay any amount for the ads. But, how to be a popular directory website? Still, it depends on the honour Google search engine. We can say that the rank on Google affects the customers intention to come to you. The rank will also determine your earnings, for example, if your rank is the highest at local site you can earn $1000 monthly from a customer. Say, you have 100 customers who pay you $100 per month, it means that you earn $10000 monthly from a single website of your own. What a nice cash flow! Don’t forget that you still can use Google Adsense to boost up your rank. Google Ads will attract the visitors to your website so that you earn direct revenue. Afterwards, you get bunch of clicks on your ads by posting the relevant ads as your website content. Your popularity here is also affected by your niche selection and customers type.

Geocraft helps you to alter easily the positions in listings so as to help you to decide which listing entries are placed on top of your website. The first impression is important so you have to be smart to place the listing entries which are visible to the visitors. Business talks, just put the customer’s business who pay you more as a priority. You should make a deal with the advertisers that if they want to be on top listings, they should pay more so that you can put them in order based on the prices. Here are some tips to boost up your rank in Google:

  1. You need to set a target on specific area and group of people.
  2. Also set a particular niche to boost your site among the local sites.
  3. Make free listings for some customers to startup your website. This thing is done to attract the other customers in the same niche.
  4. You must be patient but passionate to run and grow the directory website. Keep it mind that it will give you profit in no time.

Based on the explanation above, it is clear that Geocraft monetizes your website easily. Beside the  money, Geocraft also benefits you in some ways:

  1. It is easy to add listings as well as arrange them in this theme because it has a simple dashboard which you can learn quickly.
  2. With this theme you do not need to develop an individual page from scratch.
  3. It supports some business maps which you can add easily to your listings.
  4. The customers can attach a picture so that the visitor can view an ad in one shot.
  5. There is a built-in system which can automatically capture the data from your customers including the complete name, the email and the phone.
  6. It has a business listing payment system which easily manages the payment from your customers.
  7.  As the website owner, you can view the listings owner and status so you know when they expire and what the categories they are in.
  8. On the home page the visitors can see the button to add the business listings, the sections for searching listings by name and by location, the header as banner space, the premium business listings, featured business listings, recently added listing, business location, business listing categories and listing ad banner space.
  9. A single business listing is supported by some details including the images and also some information deals with it. It also shows the rating, business reviews, business location map, related listings and lead capture for business inbuilt.
  10. This theme comes with responsive slider which is great for tablet and mobile phone.
  11. There are various color schemes you can choose which are stylish and different.
  12. It comes with fully integrated user submission system as well as recurring payment based listing.
  13. You can choose the language you want to apply because it has multilingual support with Language file.
  14. You may also choose the default currency and the fixed price for the package.
  15. It has the ability that enables you to set the listing expiry which explains how long the listing will be still published if the package is bought.
GeoCraft theme features

GeoCraft theme features

Those are the basic features of Geocraft theme. Now it’s sports geo-location search feature which helps you to list any entity and activity globally or locally. It also precisely shows the location of the business on one click. Or, you can click the marked location on map then it shows the business listings nearby. Yet, you can turn on and off the geo-location feature if you don’t want it. You can simply do it from your phone. This theme also has claim listing feature which enables your customers to see and claim their premium and free listings. You can persuade the business owners to claim this feature by just providing your website with a lot of listings with the mark “claimable”. By seeing it the business owners will claim and pay for the listings. In other words, this feature helps the business owner to register automatically. So, what makes you waiting? Get Geocraft to set your business future!


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It has been released the theme which eases you to earn money by collecting some business people in one website. The theme is called Geocraft and it is one of the directory listing websites spread on the internet

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Geocraft: Your Best Solution for Business Listings

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