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8 Tips For Business Article Writing Service + SEO Articles

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People’s needs for information, especially from social media or the internet are getting higher. This triggers the need for people to write articles as an information dissemination solution.

More and more people are plunging into writing the world of writing, by becoming an article writer or a content writer, either for blogs or online media.

Tips For Business Article Writing Service

Here are The Tips For Starting Business Article Writing Service:

Hobby of Writing

Being a writer and providing services writing an article with a pay reward is not an arbitrary job. To be able to write an article essay, you are really required to have writing skills. With these writing skills, you can create an interesting article and be nice to read. Hobby of writing can be used as an easy tip to start becoming an online article writer.

Hobby of Reading

The next Tips For Starting Business Article Writing Service is hobby of reading.

Reading also includes tips that you should master before starting an online Business Article Writing Service that generates a lot of profits. A writer is required to have extensive insight and science. So when you get a writing offer for all kinds of topics like health, technology, education, and more, you can write the article well.

Continue to hone your writing skills

For those of you who like to write, but so far have never trained writing skills. Is it enough to run a freelance article writer business? Make sure the posts you produce are of mediocre quality, or even disappoint your readers.

Being a reliable writer is not difficult if you keep practicing. Familiarize yourself with reading to add to your vocabulary and practice writing continuously. Maybe initially your writing has not been so good, but if trained continuously for long-time your writing is much better.

If your current article still ugly, don’t feel inferior right away. Keep practicing writing, multiply your reading activity, and this will help you tremendously.

Join a Marketplace or a specific Website

The next Tips For Starting Business Article Writing Service isjoin a marketplace or a specific website.

To become a freelance writer on the Internet, you have to know the special marketplace of freelancers. The Marketplace is a place that hosts freelance seekers and client seekers. The client can get the author’s services on the site and the author can get the client.

But because there is a site on the Internet facilitate your income, then inevitably have to be cut from the site. Maybe the cut is not much, but if the article you are working on is quite a lot, then the funds are cut very much. From this little description, you certainly know what is the advantages and disadvantages if joining a marketplace site for freelancers.

The advantage is that you can get clients easily and if your writing is good, it likely gets a very large permanent client. While the disadvantage is that the funds you get is truncated and difficult to get clients who want to pay at a high price. Most of the clients who belong in it are looking for freelance writers at a cheap cost, so sometimes it doesn’t match what you’re working on.

All things do have their disadvantages and the advantage, right? Well, go discuss about joining a particular website. The website referred to here is a news website or a website that holds the writings of freelance writers. Is there a website like that? The answer is many, now many websites whose content rely on the writing of freelancers who are members in it.

From the explanation above, may be the case you can easily get the client or get the writing website fitting, but you need to know that it is not as easy as you can imagine. At the beginning, you will have trouble finding clients and writing, you can also be rejected by the website in question. So it needs extra effort. If this is hard enough, you can try this next way.

Open your own article writer service

This step may be the most difficult thing from the first because you have to take care of everything yourself. You also need capital to be able to establish your own writer services. If you don’t want to spend your capital, you can start offering posts on the marketplace that don’t cut the cost like a freelance marketplace. It’s not a direct client, but still an opportunity to get it.

The advantage of opening your own services is that you can offer a price that suits your ability, not too cheap as on a freelancer-specific site. You can also create separate terms related to the resulting article. So you can get a pretty big profit if you manage to get the right clients.

But there are also many disadvantages such as you need a capital. What capital for? Capital to create a website offering services and capital to conduct marketing. The clients will be more confident in the services you make if there is a special website that is certainly no frills.

The website display should be good for attracting many clients. If you are good at web programming, then this is not a problem, but if not, you have to spend money to pay for a Web service programmer.

Marketing also requires money. For a new website marketing via social media are being usually less guarantees, unlike paid marketing. So if you want a big client, you have to spend capital that is  big enough anyway. Another drawback is that you must have troops (writers).

The troops in question are the other writers who will help you. Clients typically book articles in bulk for the same niche so you need other writers, so that the article finishes on time and the discussion is not monotonous. 

Create your own Blog

The next Tips For Starting Business Article Writing Service is create your own blog.

For people to know about the quality of your writing, create your own blog. That way everyone else knows what the pattern of article writing is and the quality of your writing.

Many prospective consumers are noticing how to write an article writer before finally deciding whether to hire the service or not. From text flow, article content, capital letters, to punctuation.

Keeping the quality and uniqueness of your article will be a plus value because it will be a consideration of the customer whether to hire your service back or not. And never send a copy paste article to the consumer because in addition will make them disappointed, this will ruin your business’s good name.

Your Blog can also help your service marketing process easier. Creating a blog to market the article writing services business does not have to use paid services. In the beginning, you can take advantage of free blog platforms like or

Creating a Portfolio

Portfolios are not always a long-standing work, meaning it can also provide a new portfolio. An example of a work is a portfolio form that is needed by potential buyers of article content. So do not hesitate to show them.

Have a trusted social Media account

The next Tips For Starting Business Article Writing Service is havinf a trusted social media account.

Create a trusted social media account, characterized by a large list of friends and visible active communication within it. Attaching screenshots of testimonials is also an old way that is widely used by the sellers of article writing services.

How to write SEO articles

Business Article Writing Service - SEO article

After knowing The Tips For Starting Business Article Writing Service, You must know how to write SEO articles.

Did you know that at the moment the article writing does not only convey the mere information, but also has to be supported by keywords or keyword that make it easier for people to search for the article on Google.

Another term for this type of article is SEO article. SEO (Search Engine Organization) is a term for search engines. In other words, SEO article is an article that is made according to SEO provisions, of course with keywords that make it easy for people to search.

For this type of article, not all article authors understand it. Therefore, it takes the service of article writers. However, if you want to learn how to write SEO articles, here is the characteristics of good and quality SEO articles, and it can appear on the first page in the Google search engine in a quick time.

Define a Keyword and put it in the title

Before going further into the article writing, first, define the keywords that you will use. It is important that your articles are easily searchable. The keyword created is not too long, just 2 – 3 syllables only.

After defining the keyword, don’t forget to put the key word in the title. That way, when someone searches for that keyword, your article’s title will soon appear on the Google search engine. For SEO article writer business services, this is a mandatory thing that should not be missed and forgotten.

Also keep the titles you’re interested in, so even if your articles are not at the top of the first page of Google’s search engine, people are still interested in clicking on your article because of its compelling title.

Spread keywords in paragraphs

It’s important that you do a keyword deployment in the paragraphs that you create, not too much and don’t be spread across every paragraph. At least in every 2 paragraphs there are 1 keywords that you save. Bold the keyword for easy detection by search engines.

Article in 600 words

Another characteristic of good SEO articles is to have a minimum word count of 600 words. Because of this word count, it is judged to have a higher uniqueness, compared to articles less than 600 words. For the service of SEO article writers, the authors are more often required to be able to write articles in 600 words.

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Thank you very much for reading Tips For Business Article Writing Service and How to write SEO articles, hopefully useful.

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