Best wordpress plugins to start your website
Best WordPress Plugins To Start Your Website

7 Best WordPress Plugins To Start Your Website

Best WordPress Plugins To Start Your Website – WordPress provides more than 40,000 different plugin that you can download freely. A lot of things you can find, ranging from SEO, widget, Gallery, and online store. Of course you don’t need to install everything on the website. You simply install the best plugin WordPress and useful for your website.

Plugins are mini applications useful additions to enrich the functionality and features of the WordPress website. As you may know, WordPress comes with a feature very minimal when first installed. Well, to make a WordPress feature rich website, you need a plugin.

If you still newbie on WordPress, or have never used it at all, it could be the use of the plugin still feels strange. Various plugin options do offer the freedom of customization for you. However, this may not even be confusing you. Through this review, we would like to present the best WordPress plugins you need to install when starting the website.

How to choose the best WordPress plugins for your Website.

Before you install the plugin on a WordPress website, make sure that you have understood the purpose of the use of the plugin you want to install. If you are sure you are correct, please click to see the details of the plugin you need.

Plugin directory
Plugin directory

Use the search feature to find the plugin you’re looking for. Type a keyword in the search field, for example “SEO”, and then will appear the recommendations plugin SEO for your WordPress.

After obtaining a recommendation, select the plugin that you like. Later you will find the page with the display as below. Various detailed information you can find, such as rating, the number of users that install, and when was the last plugin update.

Search plugin

What you need to Make a consideration when choosing a WordPress Plugin?

Plugin Install and Active Rating.

Rating shows how popular a plugin. Users are satisfied with the performance of a plugin usually will give feedback in the form of a rating. This can make Your benchmark. So did with Active Install. The greater number of Active Install, then more of a plugin is downloaded and used.


Reading reviews about a plugin created by other users. Usually, here you will find the reaction, the positive feedback, perhaps even a problem that often occurs when using the plugin.


See the screenshot of the plugin so that you can imagine what kind of the plugin when used. Screenshots are available in the menu usually presents a visual display, the following interesting features a plugin. Therefore, click menu screenshot first before installation so that you are not wrong.

Hosting Resource-Saving, Select The Plugin When Needed.

As the development of the website, you will need additional plugins. Here you should be careful. One of the main things you need to consider is Your plugin don’t get damning website. Make sure that each plugin has different functions. Too many plugins you install can be bad for a website, for example, reduce the load speed of the website and improve Your WordPress website security risk.

Best WordPress plugins to start your Website.

After knowing how to choose the best WordPress plugins for your website, we present some of the plugins you need to install when starting a WordPress website. If your website is already running, the plugin in the list can use to improve the performance of the website optimally. Best WordPress plugin here we select based on basic aspects that you should consider when making your own website.

#1. Security Website WordPress.

Security is one of the most important aspects of WordPress website. New outbreak of crimes online should make you more cautious in using the internet, especially if you have a website and you depend on the website.

You need to protect your website from various attacks such as brute force, malware, spam and hacking trial by hackers. Two plugins below will help protect your website.


Wordfence security plugin
Wordfence security plugin

Wordfence is one of my favorite plugins for WordPress security and has been downloaded by more than one million users. Its functions, Wordfence protect your website from various malware. If there is suspicious activity on websites such as notification of failed login or access from an unknown IP Address, you will receive notifications automatically via email.

Other features, you can perform the scanning on the website. Suspected malware files, theme plugins & should immediately be updated will be detected and you can see the report clearly.

Wordfence plugins can be installed directly through your WordPress dashboard.

Captcha by BestWebSoft.

Captcha by bestwebsoft

CAPTCHA by BestWebSoft plugin is the best security solutions that protect Your WordPress site from spam entries by means of mathematical logic. It can be used for login, registration, password recovery, comment and contact form.

Users are asked to complete a mathematical equation before the form can be submitted. You can configure the complexity of captcha using three basic mathematical actions such as add, subtract and multiply.

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#2. SEO optimization for Website.

In addition to security, another aspect that you need to SEO is optimization. The WordPress platform is basically already quite friendly with the search engines. However, you still need optimization to raise ranking in Google. The appearance of the website on the first page of the Google search engine can eventually bring in more visits to your website.

Here are best WordPress plugins for SEO optimization that can help you implement a basic SEO for WordPress website.

Yoast SEO.

Yoast seo
Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO offers a variety of advantages for application of SEO Basics, such as the creation of sitemap XML, checks keywords, meta description, making up to hide the posts that you don’t want in Google.

Yoast SEO should you rely on as it will display the meta description and title tags in the search engines. This plugin will also help proofread if you make a mistake when entering a title and description.

All In One SEO Pack.

Besides the Yoast plugin SEO, you can apply the Basic SEO techniques on the website WordPress using All in One SEO Pack. This plugin provides a variety of features, including XML support, Google, Google Analytics support AMP up to automatically synchronize in the search engine if there is a change in your website. After you successfully install the plugin through the WordPress Dashboard > Search > All in One SEO Pack > Install then you can directly perform the settings ranging from home on your website, like adding a title, description and keyword.

Afterwards you can make settings for each post includes the meta title, meta description, and keyword.

3#. Speed Optimization for Website.

A long loading time can make your visitors leave Your website page. Really unfortunate if visitors rush while important information has not yet been read by customers just because the loading time. The cause can vary, because your database is too heavy, layout script errors in many unused plugins. One of the solutions to increase website speed is by using a caching Plugin that will work to reduce Your server load.

W3 Total Cache.

Access speed is very important for a website. The caching capabilities of W3 Total Cache will lighten the load and make the website more quickly. Basically, when visitors access your site, all the data will be downloaded into the folder caching; and when you access the next page, you will instantly get the page without needing to restart the download from the server.

The W3 Total Cache plugin is very effective to increase the speed of your WordPress website with caching methods. All the features of the cache (page caching, minify cache, the database cache, the object cache, and browser cache) at once obtained in W3 Total Cache. Its main advantage, speed website increased and more efficient bandwidth.

WP Super Cache.

WP Super Cache has the same functionality as the W3 Total Cache plugin. Its functions, static HTML files will automatically be shown without the need to restart the whole loading query on your website each time the user visits.

The settings that are in the WP Super Cache is quite simple. Later you can perform basic setting with push button Caching On the caching process so that active on your website. This Best WordPress plugins can be the right choice for beginners as well as those of you who love the instant short and configuration.

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#4. Create a Contact Form.

You’ve managed to create a website? Fill your website with a contact form so that visitors to the website can easily contact you. Of course, the hope is not merely associated. Communication as well as new business cooperation opportunities can be created via this contact form.

In WordPress, the contact form plugin that you can get for free as well as paid. Below are two of the best contact form plugin that we recommend to you.

Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7 offers a range of functions of the form fields that you can use for various purposes with the easy and practical. In addition to the integrated with Google Mail, you can create a registration form, order form, or the confirmation form.

Installation of Contact Form 7 is a simple matter. Install the plugin on your WordPress website, set bit settings, and Contact Form 7 can be your direct use.

Fast Secure Contact Form.

In addition to the Contact Form 7 plugin, you can take advantage of to make contact form is Fast Secure Contact Form. Installation can be done through the WordPress admin dashboard or download here. After a successful installation, this plugin will provide a simple display equipped with CAPTCHA to prevent spam to your email inbox.

Recipient email settings and a description of each column, you can do easily via the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin settings. If you have a hosting resource is limited, this plugin you can choose because it is quite mild and will not overload your hosting server.

#5. Share on Social Media.

Take advantage of all channels to increase traffic to your website. Social media is one of them. More of a shared page or content in social media, the greater the chances of your website get more visits.

Therefore, you need to facilitate website visitors in sharing your content through their social media accounts. Do with providing share button on every posting or Web page. Below we recommend two plugins that you can use on your WordPress website with ease.

WP Social Sharing.

WP Social Sharing makes it easy for website visitors as well as Your posts distributed in social media. This share button can you adjust as you wish, will be shown on the page or post anywhere. WP Social Sharing supports 6 popular social media like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest. Easy to use, simple and responsive is the excellence of this plugin.

When you need a lightweight and simple plugin, WP Social Sharing is the right choice. The installation process can directly through your WordPress Dashboard menu > Search > WP Social Sharing > Install Now.


AddThis offers a free and premium version. Until now, the best WordPress plugin has been downloaded by more than 200,000 + WordPress users. AddThis plugin is a mainstay feature key share on the side of the page will always follow when users scroll a page.

Other conveniences, sharing button remain available when users access your website via mobile devices. This of course is useful both for you. The existence of the share button in the mobile version will facilitate visitors to share your content, as well as indirectly “affect” them to continue to share in social media. Not only that, you can do integration with Analytics and see the statistics report the number of shares each day.

What about installation? AddThis can be installed easily, just as another plugin in WordPress. Please sign in to your WordPress Admin Area, Search “AddThis”, find the plugin, and click Install Now.

#6. Data Backup WordPress.

The data backup website is the important thing. Imagine when your website gets damaged or exposed to hacking so it can’t be returned. Reinstall indeed can help this problem. Just reinstall can make you lose all data on the website. Therefore, you need to perform backups at regular intervals in order to anticipate the occurrence of things you don’t want.

Below we provide two reviews plugin that can help you perform backups on the WordPress website.

BackUpWordPress plugin.

BackUpWordPress plugin is the WordPress data backup schedule feature that you can set yourself. Settings and use this plugin is pretty easy and practical making it suitable for beginners. One of the conveniences offered e.g. BackUpWordPress available in Windows OS and Linux. In fact, you can enable the delivery mode data backups via email. Other privileges, this plugin are not much consuming your hosting resource.


A variety of ease of backups you can get by using UpdraftPlus. In addition to free, UpdraftPlus offers automatic scheduled a full backup, advanced features automatically when the upload process is stalled, and the storage of files on other storage (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and others) so it does not meet your hosting capacity.

If you just want some files only, UpdraftPlus can help you. The menu option file anywhere that you will back up the following notification to the email after the backup finishes are also available here.

Like other best WordPress plugins, installation of UpdraftPlus is quite easy to do. You only need to sign in to your WordPress Dashboard, and then directly to Add New Plugin > > Search “UpdraftPlus” > then click Install Now.

#7. Complying with the Cookie Law.

GDPR Cookie Consent

7 Best WordPress Plugins To Start Your Website 7

GDPR Cookie Consent is a free tool to ensure easy compliance with the GDPR and CCPA regulations. With its intuitive interface and powerful set of features, you will find it effortless to keep your business inside the law.

The option to display a cookie consent banner is one of the notable features offered by the plugin. You can customize the banner to match it with your existing website’s style and add Accept, Reject buttons as per the GDPR guidelines. 

The plugin comes with a cookie audit feature that enables you to list all the cookies on your website. You can later display the cookie list on your website using a shortcode. Auto-script blocking is another major feature of the plugin that allows you to block cookies from popular third-party plugins. 

Multiple language compatibility is a notable feature of the plugin. Currently, the plugin supports over 19 different languages. (Thanks to Adhish S for the contribution).

Thank you very much for reading

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