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Avada is popular as a powerful theme with multi-purpose functions. It supports some purposes such as fashion, business, travel, architecture, law, and even church. Its design is easily to create because it has powerful framework to minimize the multiple themes needs. Moreover, the themes options come with the functional tools which enable you to create a unique web without necessarily memorize some code. The tools include an amazing Fusion Builder which is used for building a visual page, and the other tools are MegaMenu, Fusion Slider, Shortcode and so on. Specifically for Fusion Builder, it is a page builder which helps you to design a stunning web with the least effort. You just need to drag and drop the things you want to have into the place precisely. Besides, this builder has a conversion script which can convert the previously created Avada layout to the easy fusion builder one. You will also have Fusion Options for pages or posts. The features allow you to customize your web easily and beautifully including the FAQ, portfolio, page, or blog post. You can apply some rollover icons, sidebars, categories, sliders, colors, custom image sizes, and background. Of course every post comes with various options that you can choose.

avada themes demo

avada themes demo

Avada theme is also well-known as a responsive and flexible framework which fits any device screen in any format. However, you can control your web width to help you not to be trapped in a single setting. These intuitive options will let you manage the sidebar width, content width, overall width for the different settings in dual sidebars. Moreover, you can easily pick the options from a boxed or a wide layout in the admin panel. You may have a color or pattern or a custom image for your background. Even you can set a wide or boxed layout for each page. The responsiveness reaches a hundred percent level because with this theme you can have outstanding premium sliders which can be set as on and off in the theme options. It really helps your visitors to access your web! Besides the sliders, you can also work creatively by customizing the outer look of your web, for example, the layout, the color option and the styles. All of them can be done in some minutes because the panels allow you to customize it easily. You might also want to upload some portfolios, pictures or videos for your web purpose, don’t worry, Avada has it all for you. There is no limitation and it guarantees that there is no twins out there although both of you use Avada. Coming with its responsive display, the theme is also Retina-Ready which means that it has excellent graphics for retina displays and other high res screens.

Installing Avada is really easy and quick. Just provide 2 minutes from your free time and you will get the most beautiful theme installed. You can install it through FTP or WordPress then you will get some sets of demo posts, sliders, pages, widgets, theme options and other features in a single button click! Avada also provides you a Shortcode Generator which comes with pretty interface. It eases you to build the custom pages with the various shortcodes of Avada. You can see here that you have billions of possibilities and you will notice that more and more shortcodes are being added. To face the XML files issue as well as a missing content, Avada offers you a Demo Content Importer inside the theme options. When you click on it you will get the various demos for your needs.

Avada is compatible with the important features for your business such as bbPress and WooCommerce. bbPress is integrated in Avada with the full design so you will have a stunning forum page on your web. As good as bbPress, the theme also integrates a-hundred-percent WooCommerce which looks amazing with the full design. You will also get the custom shortcodes to promote your products. You can check the online shop demo to know how it works beautifully and smoothly. For smoothing your business, the theme also comes with RTL and Translation Support. You will also have the PO and MO files of language with 33 world languages translated such as German, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Catalan, Chinese, and so on. The RTL is also integrated inside the theme with qTranslate and WPML. Every blogger misses the SEO optimization. Don’t worry, Avada is here to help you to boost up your rank because it has the best SEO setup. It applies semantical HTML code and CSS which is valid and makes the search engines easily to go straight away to the content of your web. Amazing, right?

Talking about the page, Avada has a ‘one page parallax’ system. Its function is to allow you design a page of your web for any page you want. The good thing is you can have a custom menu for each page and it can be combined with the menu anchor shortcode. This combination will be able to produce a gorgeous web page of your page collection. For the background, you can also customize it with specific pattern, beautiful pictures or artistic colors for several different backgrounds on your web. Moreover, you may customize with the content, header, footer as well as the page title bar background. If you have various colorful backgrounds, of course your visitors won’t be bored ‘walking’ on your blog! The theme also comes with a MegaMenu which is built in into the theme. It will work well if you have some large widgets for your web such as a huge map, various forms, and large pictures. MegaMenu has menu items which are completed by the custom icon or a custom image thumbnail next to them. For the layouts, Avada has complete functional pre-built layouts that you can pick easily and quickly. You can choose more than 20 homepage designs with various styles from the traditional ones until the sophisticated ones such as magazine style, portfolio style, blog style, shop style and many more. It does not stop there; the design team is still working to add more layouts!

Although Avada is easy to install, you might have questions during the process. No worries, it has real support center which consists of real people to guide you solving your problem. They commit that they treat the customers as they would like to be treated. They open every time and they are supported by some demo videos to show you clearly to do the steps. Finally, from those explanations, no wonder that Avada earns five star rating from the reviewers!



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Avada is the ultimate multi-purpose WordPress theme. It is clean, super flexible, responsive, includes Fusion Page Builder and comes packed with powerful options!

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