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How to Configure MySQL in cPanel

MySQL Database lets you save (and access) large amounts of information with ease. This facility required by many web-based applications, such as bulletin boards, Content Management System (CMS), and others. You need to create your own database prior to using it. Only users who have the privilege or a special authority can access a database.
How […]

WordPress security tips and tricks

Having a secure website is the desire of all bloggers. Because one of the factors in the survival of a website depends on the security level.
One of the CMS used to create a website is WordPress. Well, what would happen if our WordPress website is not secure? It could be our data content or online […]

Tips for choosing a web hosting service

When choosing a web hosting service, some of the things to consider is the type of service and its availability.
Regardless of the chosen web hosting services play a leading role to develop the site into the appropriate. The following are some useful tips that you can use to choose the best hosting service.
Tips for choosing […]

How To Create Subdomain in cPanel

You can create subdomain in your cPanel. Here is the tutorial.
1. Login to your cpanel.
2. Search “Domains”
3. Click “Subdomains”

4. Enter your desired subdomain address.
5. Enter the path to the directory where your subdomain files in the appropriate fields below Document Root, column directory path will be filled automatically, but you can also make adjustments file […]

How to change domain name in wordpress?

If you just change your domain name in WordPress, you must update the database to be accessed. Surely WordPress admin page can not be accessed, because you just replace the domain name.
If you would change your domain name, do the replacement in database before setting WordPress address (URL) and Web address (URL) in settings > […]

5 Tips for Using your name as a Domain Name

When you are considering to buy a domain name for the purposes of personal branding, there are some basic things that need to be considered in determining your personal domain, such as a domain name should be easy to remember, clear and suitable for long periods of time.
Considering that all important things, then a best […]

A Few of How To Invest In Options

In the world of financial asset trading or securities, types of assets tradeable can be categorized into debt, equity or its derivatives. Debt such as bonds; equity includes stocks and the hybrid, such as options. How to invest in options would be a step by step learning because, like other securities, it is considered a […]

Gets a Hold on Your Host with Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting

There is a needed as your website is growing, to have a larger space and quick access for your online costumer to enjoy convenient over making choices or transaction. In the world of competition among virtual commerce, the fastest and easiest is what is looked for. Dedicated hosting, dedicated server hosting, would be an option […]

Make Stock Images from Royalty Free Images Stock

A picture says a thousand words. The needy for imagery pictures are getting demanding recently, to get a more lively intention of conveying messages and a proper communication. On an occasion or probably often, one will need some image to strengthen the message of their presentation, gives a correlate background for your blogs or advertising […]

Host Your Web with Cheap Domain Registration Hosting

What is the use of the name will be significantly matter in the world of virtual networking. The domain name you choose to identify yourself or companies or businesses in the internet communication will lead you to your causes, especially when you are starting online businesses. As many web hosts and registrars are available, offered […]