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Why Big Companies Using WordPress?

Many big companies or mayor brands that have long been using WordPress for their website with a variety of business purposes. The companies include TechCrunch, BBC America, Variety, Sony Music, Bata, Xerox, Beyonce, The Rolling Stones, Snoop Dogg, etc.
How to know that website using WordPress?
To check if a website using WordPress or not, you can […]

How to put app play store on the blog post?

Is your blog about android app? If yes, you definitely want to show the android app in your blog posts. Many blogs that discuss about the Android and iOS apps, but does not show the application referred to in the article, it only displays the image applications discussed.
Basically, the Play Store and App Store do […]

Tips monetize Youtube for Beginner

For those who want to make money from youtube, here are some tips:

Your video content must comply with the YouTube terms of service and community guidelines.
Optimize your Youtube Videos:

Before uploading videos to Youtube, replace or save as the name of the video with the keywords you targeted.
Video title should contain keywords.
You can use ubersuggest, semrush […]

How to Monetize Your Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginner

Simple steps for blogging and monetize blog:

Create a Gmail account
Define your niche:

Beauty Tips
Online Business
Movie reviews,
Games etc.

Tools for Keyword Research

Keyword Revealer
Keyword-targeted for the Homepage first then article.

Create a Blogspot using your Google account.

Domain name and Url must contain Keywords
Examples: makemoney.blogspot.com

Recommendation to buy the DOMAIN + HOSTING

Hosting (Hostgator/Hawkhost)
Domain (Namecheap)
Domain name must contain Keywords, Example: makemoney.com


Find a light […]

8 WordPress 4.7 Features that Make Your Website More Amazing

As a CMS platform is the most widely used in the world, WordPress is always updating its version on a regular basis, ranging from the addition of features to the improvement on the security side.
Here are some of the latest features in WordPress 4.7 version:
Twenty Seventeen – A New Default Theme

There is a significant change […]