How to take bokeh photos with android

Photo bokeh arguably one of the sorts of photos that much popular. A lot of people thought, just bokeh photo can be generated using DSLR cameras. What is correct is that? That’s right, but it is not completely correct because now some smartphone vendors had already pinned the ability produce photo bokeh on its camera.
However, if […]

4 Timeless secrets of successful people

Being successful has certainly been a great achievement for everyone. Especially when you gain success through hard work and effort is done every time. It feels very proud when you can build your own success from scratch. Success dreamed up during this, finally you can achieve from something small.
Become successful people sometimes do not make everyone forget […]

Benefits of Facebook advertising for your business

In the intense competition of online business today, You need more than one marketing channel in order to be successful. One that’s worth You to try is Facebook Ads.
Maybe before you’ve ever tried to use Facebook to market Your products and services. This is quite an effective way for business because you can find all […]

How to Redirect Your Web Visitor from UC Browser to Chrome?

As a publisher, you may have felt aggrieved by the UC browser that blocking your ads, resulting in less advertising revenue. Therefore, we want to share tricks or how to redirect automatically every your article that viewed by the visitor in UC browser will be redirected to chrome at Android device.
The trick is to use the […]

The Google Founders Who Inspire The World

Google Inc. is a world-class internet and technology company. Google is the number one search engine in the world and certainly the world community knows Google, even already use it to look up information on the internet. But did you know the figure behind the success of Google? How they make and set up Google? This […]